Something about me

Hey all, I am Claudia. My family moved to New Zealand in 2007 and ever since we have been proud to call Auckland our home. Most of my years growing up in the States, I used to read comics of all sorts. This was something I missed the most. My folks could find all their magazines pretty much a week after going to print at Borders, who are now shut- but none of my comics turned up after years.


While the scene is better now after years, there still isnt a place where you can actually hire comics. Sure the public libraries have a few old out of print copies, but nothing like what a full fledge comic rental shop could do. Me and my friend Beatric from SoCal plan to open up a neat Rental store in an Auckland suburb sometime this year. If any of y’all know a neat place that is central or central suburbian, not further than Epsom,please let me know, I have the best plans for us.


Also I wil appreciate if you guys and gals can tell me what sort of comics you like done. I know Manga is like super popular so I am also trying to source a supplier to get these. But most of the DC and Marvel ones would definitely be up for grabs. Rentals I havent finalised on but let me assure you it will be realistic and super affordable you guys might need to pay like a bond or something so the books would be kept in good nick.