Archie Comic Book Review

The Archie comics are published by Archie Comics Publications whose headquarters are in New York. They are based on a humor genre and transcend all literate age sets. The publication house was founded in the year 1939 and the publisher and creator of the fictional comic character Archie was John L. Goldwater. Archie first appeared in Pep Comics edition number 22 in 1942. Later on, the character was accorded his own series in the form of “Archie comics” in winter of 1942. The pilot comic was issue #114 and was written by Bob Montana and Vic Bloom. The title was later shortened to “Archie”. The comic series came to an end in June 2015 with the last issue being #666 and was replaced by a new series “Riverdale Reborn”.

The comic series is based on five main teenage characters and is set in Riverdale. The main characters include Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Reggie Mantle and Jug head Jones. Incidentally, the creator of the series, Mr. Goldwater studied at Horace Mann School situated at the Riverdale area of the Bronx in New York.


Is the main character in the comic series and is the only son of Fred and Mary Andrews. He is an affable redheaded teenager who is mild mannered, generous to a fault though he can get clumsy at times. He is the center of a love triangle with Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper. His archival is Reggie Mantle. Whatever the timeline Archie always lives in the present unlike other characters.


Is a lovable teenage beauty with blonde hair, she is confident, loving, caring and is clearly the center of Archies love and affection. She is Veronica’s best friend and ironically’ she is part of a love triangle involving her.


Veronica is a brunette teenage girl who is a rich, selfish and spoiled brat. She is the daughter of Hiram Lodge. She has the habit of using her father’s wealth to draw Archie away from her completion in the form of Betty Cooper.


Is a funny character and is Archies best friend. Archie is always by his side and is constantly trying to cheer him up. His trademark look is a “clubhouse beanie” that is fashioned from an inverted fedora hat. He usually has a closed eye look.


He is Archie’s rival and he is constantly embroiled in romantic tangles over Veronica Lodge. He enjoys playing pranks and has a knack for sarcasm. Reggie’s prowess as a capable athlete manifests in many of Archies novels. Reggie Mantle is a vain character who tends to believe he is “God’s greatest gift to women”. His vanity becomes clear in his tendency to constantly sport a comb and mirror. He expresses this attribute in his tendency to date a string of women to assert himself.


There are a number of minor characters in Archies series of comics and include Hiram Lodge, who is Veronica’s father and has a love-hate relationship with Archie. He is a wealthy character and has a streak of grey hair in the middle of his largely black hair. Mr. Flutesnoot is a chemistry professor at Riverdale High School where the principal is the pompous Mr. Waldo Weatherbee. Other fictional female characters in the comic series include Sabrina Spellman, a half witch, Cheryl Blossom and Valerie, a member of Josie and the Pussycats. Valerie is the songwriter of the band, a tomboy with a quick temper. She also features in Archie’s love life.

Cheryl was introduced in 1982 in the Betty and Veronica comic series #320 as Archie’s third love interest but was later withdrawn because she was deemed to be too sexual a character for children’s comics.


In the Archies comics, there are several themes that are constant in the series particularly an anti-drug campaign where readers are advised that they do not need drugs to be happy. Campaigns against smoking and illegal drug use are constant features of the comic series. The fictional comic characters also promote the need to be considerate and care for one’s environment.