All You Need To Know About Spiderman

Spiderman is one of the most well-known hero characters from the marvel world and there are over 50 years of comic book literature for fan enthusiasts out there. The first comic officially appeared in 1963, but spidey made his first appearance in amazing fantasy issue #15 back in 1962. Spiderman was the brainchild of both artist Steve Ditko and the more popular Stan Lee. The comic book character became so famous that numerous movies, TV shows and plays have been spanned from your friendly neighborhood spider.

Marvel Universes

Stan Lee came up with the brilliant idea that some of the other characters from the marvel comics book could team up to fight all the baddies, so once in a while you would get a mash up of Spiderman and X-men or Spiderman and incredible hulk or Spiderman and the now popular avengers franchise. But to understand this wonderful world, you need to first comprehend that the marvel universe isn’t linear. Two worlds were formed the original marvel universe 616 (from 1963 to 2014) and the ultimate universe 1610(from 2000 to 2015). Eventually, the world ends up merging into secret wars but we will explain that a little bit later.

Marvel universe 616

This is when the amazing Spiderman franchise was born, in fact, issue no #1 is one of the bestselling debut comics in the marvel universe. Peter parker, a high school teenager, is bitten by a radioactive spider that gives him supernatural abilities that he uses for good to protect the people in his city.

Spidey goes toe to toe with amazing villains like Chameleon, Vulture, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Lizard, Electro, Mysterio, Green Goblin, Scorpion, Rhino, Shocker, Jackal and many more. Did you notice the theme here? Most of the villains in the marvel universe back then used to be of an animal themed nature, but there are some who could control the elements such as Electro and sandman.

Along the way, Peter parker gets to meet two great loves in his life

  • Gwen Stacy– This is his first serious girlfriend, but it only lasted a year and was cut prematurely when she was killed by Green Goblin.
  • Mary Jane Watson. – She was friends with Gwen Stacy and got into a relationship with peter a little bit after Gwen died, eventually they would end up married but at some point in the comics the villain Mephisto alters Peter’s reality.

Peter does get into other relationships with Betty Brant, Black Cat, Carlie Cooper, Anna Maria Marconi, and Michele Gonzales.

Ultimate Universes 1610

This universe was launched back in 2000 and those new to the comic book world can begin here because it serves as a fresh start. Here Spiderman will meet up with other comic book superheroes but from the same Ultimate universe. For example, Ultimate X-men, The Ultimates and Ultimate Fantastic Four. Villains in this universe don’t seem to have powers that originate from the same place. A great example is Venom, in the marvel universe he is an extra-terrestrial but in ultimate universe, the suit powers come from an experiment by Peter Parker’s and Eddie Brock’s fathers.

Ultimate Universe also saw the creation of Ultimate comics Spiderman (2011), this time the main character is Miles Morales.

After Secret Wars (2015)

This arc concentrates on Peter Packer from 616 and Miles Morales from the ultimate universe.